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In MTK Makina we consider the technological progress, the integrated factors of production, the sustainable investment and the innovative management as the main elements of consistent growth towards a bigger future success that have put in place “The World – Class Quality Standards” of production as MTK Makina’s premium strategy for clients’ satisfaction and long term benefit.

CNC Vertical Drilling Machine, CNC Lathe, Electronic Vertical Drilling Machine, Grinding Machine and other facilities act as MTK Makina’s technical hand towards cherishing our vision.

Export Information

Closing 2010, MTK Makina has possessed the technical advancement to produce the following replacement parts:

KOMATSU: 1244 different parts available upon request.

MITSUBISHI: 325 different parts available upon request


Today, MTK Makina is trading mutually with more than 36 countries (and the number is growing) from every corner of the world’s continents (Europe, Asia, Africa, North & South Americas and Oceania) entrusting in our ability to produce high quality replacement spare parts that meet their sought needs and unleash their optimum effectiveness.




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