Our Values

MTK Machinery is based on customer satisfaction while producing quality spare parts.

MTK Machinery, in order to meet domestic market needs in Turkey as a manufacturer of spare parts for earthmoving machinery was established in 2002. MTK Machinery witnessed a turning point in the growth of production factors and technical processes that enabled us to expand and compete in the international market by focusing on our first class quality standards. MTK Machinery produces Komatsu Dozer and Greyder, Mitsubishi Grader spare parts and exports the goods to more than 50 countries.

Quality Parts Production

ISO 9001: 2015 certified quality production

Continuous customer satisfaction

Excellent product options at low prices

Our Vision

Health and safety at work

To offer wide range of product

Competitive prices

To come up with solutions for customers' needs in minimum time with prompt reply

Our mission

We strive to provide our customers their needs with the lowest possible prices, the best choices available and the utmost convenience.

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